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SF Community Power pilots innovative programs that improve our neighborhoods' environmental and economic conditions. We help small businesses and low-income families lower their expenses and reduce their ecological footprint. Our work provides policy makers with demonstrative ways to solve complex resource allocation issues.

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Clean Tech Test Kitchen: Battery Storage Technology Shaves Peak Demand and Saves Money

SF Power continues to help businesses better manage their electricity use in innovative ways that save energy, money, and the environment. After our groundbreaking commercial customer demand response program, we identified battery storage as the next cutting-edge measure that can reduce energy users' exposure to higher electricity rates during peak times while lowering polluting air and greenhouse gas emissions. The technology is simple to install and runs in the background, with no effect on day-to-day business operations. If your facility has utility bills greater than $3,000/month, please call or email to learn how you can participate in the program.

Let the sun shine! SF Power can help homeowners and businesses find qualified installers. Call or email us to find the installer who is right for you.

Redeploying State Subsidies: California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) Program

Based on a demonstration pilot, SF Power is proposing that low-income families be allowed to voluntarily access their CARE subsidy to invest in energy-saving measures. Such a policy would enable participating households to reduce their utility bills while lowering polluting air and greenhouse gas emissions, and, overtime, diminishing the overall cost of the CARE program. more info


At the request of SF Power, in early 2010 the California Legislature drafted legislation to authorize an expanded CARE Pilot. SF Power is working to secure a sponsor for the bill.


If you or your family are low-income you may qualify for a 20 percent reduction in your utility bill under the CARE program. Click here CARE form, for more information or contact SF Power at 415.626.8723.


San Fran cisco Smoke Stack

On March 1, 2011 the Potrero Power Plant will join the Hunters Point Power Plant, which was closed in 2006, to become a dirty relic of the past. SF Community Power was founded in 2001 in part to shutter these facilities, which were among the oldest and most polluting in the state, and San Francisco's largest stationary sources of air pollution. Working with other community groups and city leaders, our advocacy efforts succeeded.

Climate for Community - Local Solutions for Climate Change

Our climate change initiative demonstrated that small businesses and low-income families can cost-effectively reduce their carbon footprint. Participants in this pilot program saved money, reduced their greenhouse gas emissions and switched to using more sustainable products. The program also provided policymakers with a replicable way to address the equity issues associated with global climate change. more info


Demand Response — San Francisco Community Power Partners with Comverge!

SF Power has partnered with Comverge, to enhance our ability to provide customer-friendly demand-response services. This collaboration reflects a maturing of a program launched by SF Power eight years ago which demonstrated that small- and medium-sized customers are viable DR participants. Our DR program pays small and medium-sized Northern California businesses and modest-sized cities to reduce their electricity use during peak periods, when demand is especially high. The program helps the state avoid blackouts, and reduces reliance on the most polluting power plants. This FREE program provides a sustainable way to manage energy use at a time of rising costs. more info




Neighborhood Newswire — Community-Based Journalism

The Neighborhood Newswire provides high-quality articles to community newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area. more info


SF Power Needs New Board Members

Want to save the environment, one community at a time? Consider becoming a SF Power Board Member. A description of board openings is provided here. For more information contact Steven Moss, 415.643.9578 or e-mail

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