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Climate Change

Climate for Community

All of us will be impacted by global climate change, but small businesses and low-income families may be particularly hard-hit. These populations are least able to cope with the higher energy prices that could be induced by policies to counter climate change. They've also typically been left out of innovative, cost-effective environmental initiatives.


SF Community Power developed a pilot initiative to explore ways for small businesses and low-income families to beneficially participate in emerging solutions to climate change, improving their environmental and economic conditions along the way. Climate for Community was sponsored in part by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund. Click here to read about pilot findings and here to read news coverage of it. The highlights of an article about Climate for Community appeared in the July-August 2010 edition of Environment Magazine.


SF Community Power is working with low income families and small
businesses to develop verifiable ways of reducing greenhouse gas and criteria pollutants.


Under the Climate for Community Pilot Initiative, SF Community Power demonstrated that businesses and individuals can verifiably reduce their polluting air and greenhouse gas emissions, in ways that can be sold on emerging carbon trading markets. The pilot provides state and federal policymakers with an effective approach to helping vulnerable populations "do well by doing good."


As part of the pilot SF Community Power provided free comprehensive environmental audits to Bay Area businesses and families.  Audit results identified the ways in which small businesses and low income households manage their use of electricity, natural gas, the local transportation system, and assorted products, as well as the resulting waste stream. 


For additional information about our Climate for Community program, please contact us at (415) 626-8723 or visit our project partner: Environmental Defense Fund at







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