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Past Initiatives

SF Power has engaged in a number of successful energy-saving and pollution-reducing initiatives over its decade-long history.

Green Home Audits - Energy Improvements for your Home

In partnership with the San Francisco Department of the Environment and ICF International, in 2011 SF Power launched the Green Home Assessment initiative. This program educated San Franciscans about how to green their home, and effectively respond to emergencies.

High Energy Toilet (HET) Program

Working closely with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission SF Power's program audited low-income families, small businesses, and nonprofits located in San Francisco to determine if they were eligible to receive a high efficiency toilet (HET), installed for free. To qualify the resident or business had to replace a 1992 or older toilet.

Small Business Demand Response Program

SF Power successfully advocated for and implemented a first of its kind program that pays small businesses to temporarily reduce their electricity use when grid demand is especially high.

Potero Power Plant Expansion

Our efforts helped stop the proposed doubling in size of the Potrero Power Plant. We're working with others to shutter the half-century old plant, hopefully by the end of 2010.

Trans Bay Cable Project

Our critical evaluation of the half billion dollars+ Trans Bay Cable lead to the creation of $50 million in environmental mitigation funds.

Treasure Trek

This award-winning program engaged community members in reducing their energy use through a fun, family-friendly treasure trek through San Francisco's Potrero Hill Neighborhood.


SF Power Treasure Trek Map

SF Power's award winning Treasure Trek led Potrero Hill residents on a search for ways to save energy. Download Map


Efficiency on Wheels

Efficiency on Wheels was an $800,000, 18-month energy efficiency program that helped low-income families and small businesses in San Francisco save energy and lower their utility bill.

Hunters Point Power Plant Closure

We helped close the century-old Hunters Point Power Plant (2006), one of the oldest and dirtiest in the state and the single largest stationary source of air pollution in San Francisco.

Church Lights

With funds from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, SF Power retrofitted lighting and other electrical devices at small churches in San Francisco.

Food Service Initiative

With funds from the San Francisco Department of the Environment, SF Power replaced more than 100 commercial refrigerators, including a 1950's Studebaker model.

The Cooperative

SF Power was originally launched as a cooperative in 2001 to enable residents and small businesses to purchase low-cost energy saving equipment.


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