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High Efficiency Toilet Program

This program is currently closed to new applicants.  Single-family households and small businesses who have signed up to participate should receive their water-saving Coroma toilet by the end of 2009.  Low income San Francisco families who currently receive a water bill discount may be eligible for a similar program; contact for details.


Low-income families, small businesses, and nonprofits located in San Francisco may be eligible to receive a high efficiency toilet (HET), installed for free.  To qualify the resident or business must be replacing a 1992 or older toilet.  To find out more about the program go here: HET program FAQs.  To place your home or business on the waiting list to receive a HET go here: HET application form. If you'd like additional information contact SF Power at 415.626.8723.


Don't qualify for the HET program?  There's still hefty rebates available to replace your water wasting toilet with a water wise one.  Click here to find out about San Francisco Public Utility Commission water conservation rebate programs:  If you'd like to see how fast your subsidized investment in a low-flow toilet will pay-off, use our calculator.













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