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SF Power Timeline

Demand-Responses to Stand on its Own

In its fourth year our demand-response program emerged as a stand-alone enterprise, without special support from the California Public Utility Commission. During the summer SF Power distributed hundreds of energy- and water-saving devices to working families in Bayview-Hunters Point and Visitacion Valley.

Demand-Response Program Temporarily Reduces Energy Use by Seven Megawatts

More than 400 small businesses, nonprofits, and modest-sized cities effectively reduced their electricity use when called upon, saving money and reducing polluting air emissions. Over the past three years SF Power's demand-response participants earned more than $250,000.

Community and Trade Climate Change Pilot Initiative launched

Launched pilot program to demonstrate that low-income families and small businesses can cost-effectively participate in emerging carbon trading programs.

Three megawatts of curtailable load booked

Achieved three megawatts of curtailable load from small businesses, nonprofits, and schools, thereby helping the state avoid electricity blackouts and reduce polluting air and greenhouse gas emissions.

Transbay Cable mitigated

Helped create $50 million in community benefits funds as part of the approval for the Transbay Cable project, which will extend a transmission line under the Bay from the City of Pittsburg to San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood.

Hunters Point Power Plant Closed

Helped close the highly-polluting Hunters Point Power Plant.

Bayview churches retrofitted

Installed lighting retrofits in three Bayview churches, saving them thousands of dollars annually.

Two dozen community members trained

Hired and trained more than two-dozen community members to implement energy-saving measures.

Reached first megawatt of savings

By 2004 our programs had saved San Francisco residents one megawatt of power.

Efficiency on Wheels program launched

Launched Efficiency on Wheels program, with a goal of achieving one megawatt of energy savings. We distributed and installed 20,000 energy efficient devices throughout San Francisco.

SF Produce Market greened

Implemented an energy efficiency retrofit project at the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market, reducing utility bills by ten of thousands of dollars annually.

Pricing pilot addresses pollution.

Launched an ultimately successful pilot project examining whether low-income families would temporarily reduce their electricity use on short-notice if they knew that by doing so they'd reduce polluting air emissions at nearby power plants.

Treasure Trek

Launched the annual Treasure Trek in Potrero Hill. Hundreds of community members trolled local businesses, learning about energy efficiency.

“Ancient” fridges retired

Replaced a World War II-era refrigerator from long-time Hunters Point hangout, Dago Mary’s, and a Studebaker model freezer from Bayview’s Jordan's House of Ribs, with energy-efficient models.

SF Community Power launched

SF Community Power was originally launched as  "San Francisco Community Power Cooperative," with a $1.5 million grant from the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

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